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Art on the Spot

Art on the Spot is a seasonal artist café.

This event is seasonal and announced via facebook and instagram.

Though hosted my Moving On's director Nicole Loizides, it is led by the spirit that comes through the doors.  The Spot is a space for ALL art genres to collect, collaborate and create together from one another's insight, inspiration, and groove.  Painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, writers, poets, photographers, and designers are all welcome.

The venue has been held at the Glen wood Life Center, but all venues are considered. If interested in hosted please contact

BYOB. Snacks provided.

Reservation requested through media announcements.  $10 covers the cost of space. 

Some lighting, props, easels, and dropcloths are provided, but please bring your own art supplies, instruments, etc.

Artwork and finished photographs can be displayed at the venue with venue's discretion.

This is wonderful way to meet your local artists and find inspiration and new direction.

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