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Nicole Loizides floated across the stage... rising and falling and creating living art with each turn. -DRA 

"Dancers Nicole Loizides thrilled the attendees with a scintillating, sexy, and surprising performance that was fascinating and breathtaking. It left the partygoers wanting more." 

-National Museum of Dance

"...talented performers...mesmerizing..."  -Boston Globe 
"Dancing with almost eerie perfection..."  -Los Angeles Times
"...exquisite ... The technique of the dancers was everywhere evident, but perhaps no more strongly than in Pi Keohavong and Nicole Loizides"  -New York Post
To Moving On! Thank you!
Thank u for everything Nicole! It was truly wonderful!!!! Gorgeous and stunning - Apollo Theater

Your creativity and vision illuminated the dance floor and brought to life our mission...  your commitment to the vision was a positive experience that far exceeded our expectations settign the bar for future Healing Headbands events.

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