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Gold Coast Dance Retreat

tickets available in June

In addition to Moving On's creative endeavors throughout the year, we are proud to host the Gold Coast Dance Retreat on the beautiful North Shore of Long Island.

We emphasize the importance of overall strength and conditioning to balance out the body's compensation patterns created over the course of one's career, incorporating multiple disciplines as well as nutrition, meditation, and use of essential oils.  This is a diverse program great for all dance genres.

Our unique retreat also focuses on bringing the dancer out of the dancer.  Technique alone is not enough in this challenging career path, so we've created a supportive environment to help bring out the optimum performance quality, showcasing the unique facilities in each performer.

Minimum age requirement: 20

Pre-professionals, professionals, and post-professionals welcome.  




*Creation workshops


*Meditation & Breath work


*Body percussion


*Floor Barre

*Ayurvedic Medicine/nutrition


*Massage & Acupuncture

*Beaches, bonfires, and eats

Dance. Create. Relax.

3 days of creation, compassion, and coastline.

Open to professionals & 
pre-professionals 20 yrs+
FOR MORE INFO PLEASE EMAIL US INFO@MOVINGON.DANCE or visit our ticket link on eventbrite
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