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MOVING ON offers high quality, unique and original performances for every event. 

Whether looking for 5 minutes of entertainment, 2-3 segments, or a half hour+ show, MOVING ON can tailor original works to fit every space and vision.

We put our focuses on your company's branding, goals, motto, color scheme, and logo to deliver a one-of-a-kind performance that speaks to your targeted audience. 

Because we tailor each project, our creation timeline varies between 1-4 weeks, but could extend longer depending on the project's scale.

MOVING ON is suitable for conventions, galas, runways, corporate dinners, fund-raisers, openings, and revealings.​


We're raising the bar[re] on special events entertainment.


We don't just dance... We. Art.

Because MOVING ON works on several events throughout the year, it is a creative hub for amazing artists from all over the country.

We are not limited to traditional dance, but include all movements such as ballet, parkour, puppetry, stunts, aerial, circus arts, contemporary dance, acro-yoga, and gymnastics. 

Every project uses different talent, all with the intent of working together in a low-key, creative, and supportive environment.

Every performance artist deals with a transition in life.  MOVING ON supports that transition, offering a space to come back to again and again, to create with like-minded individuals and pour our artistry into something tangible.

Throughout the year we offer creative workshops, galas, and small performances to broaden our family of artists.


Held on the beautiful North Shore of Long Island, this is a perfect getaway for those seeking peace not too far from NYC.  Home to "The Great Gatsby", our beach-lined peninsula offers a unique backdrop of historic landmarks, live music, and picturesque sunsets.

Our retreat offers professional dancers a week of "getting back into the groove" before Dance Company seasons begin for the year.

Our late Summer program includes enough studio time to get into shape, as well as tons of relaxation, beaches, and other activities to call it a vacation. 

The package includes accommodations in the historic village of Sea Cliff.  Please open our page above for information on the Gold Coast Dance Retreat.

Gold Coast Dance Retreat 2018. The first of it's kind helping dancers elongate their performance careers as well as bringing out each indiviuals innate creative side
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