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The Unhidden


The Unhidden is Moving On's annual show the North Shore of Long Island can call it's own.

With overwhelming positive review, The Unhidden blurs the lines between dance, visual art, and puppetry. This spectacle is great for an evening out, even for those never having appreciated dance before.

This is a semi-immersive event that brings it's audience into another cosmos... our own unseen treasures of our beautiful earth. "...I want more people to stop and smell the earth around them, become it, and do better." - Nicole Loizides

The Unhidden is great for ALL ages though please use common sense and performance etiquette. Once seated, please stay seated.

The evening begins with a complimentary cocktail or mocktail while amongst a small museum of moving art. After being ushered down our second exhibit, you'll be seated and enchanted by multiple performances threading together 5 elements through dance, music, smell, puppetry, and lighting.

Founder and Artistic Director Nicole Loizides, alongside husband and Technical Director Lou Albruzzese and Engineer/Artist Nathan Heverin, has drawn together an evening that is sure to leave you wanting more.

*Tickets are general admission ($40) and include 1 cocktail or mocktail 


For a small fee join us for a post show discussion with Director Nicole Loizides and cast on select dates.

Learn about our creative process, hear stories about what led to Moving On's formation, and where we go from here.


*Limited tickets for access to our closing cast party. Join us for a champagne toast!

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